Since 2013, we've been feeding our neighbors with an array of farm fresh products through a variety of buying options. We're passionate about hosting tours and events to invite people onto the farm to reconnect with the source of their food. 

Our story

The story of Hampton Ridge Farm, or any farm, must begin with the land. In the 60's and 70's this land was a parcel of a larger farm and was a small family dairy. After that it was sectioned off and the portion we now manage was used for tobacco crops. In 1996, Earl Hampton moved from Detroit to Kentucky with his wife, Rebecca, and three young kids, Hannah, Rachel and Lucas.  They raised a few beef cows and kept a couple horses along with growing a market garden. The kids showed calves in the county fair through grade school but after about ten years life went in other directions. Although they remained on the land the animals were sold and the farm was, generally, retired. Now Rachel and her husband Jay have brought the animals back onto the land. Beginning with just two pigs nearly five years ago they've steadily expanded to nearly three dozen hogs, and two dozen head of cattle, along with a few beehives and a small family garden. Earl and Rebecca have joined the efforts as well adding chickens, turkeys and ducks. Our top priorities are feeding our neighbors, conservation and sustainability. We utilize solar power in many facets which you can read about under Sustainability. Another high priority is using livestock breeds in danger of extinction, which you can read more about under the Conservation tab.

I love knowing where my food comes from...

What We've Achieved

  • We've fed nearly one hundred families
  • We're one of eleven breeders of Aylesbury ducks in the United States
  • We've contributed breeding stock to farms as far as Wisconsin
  • We've brought in beef genetics from some of the top grass based herds in the nation
  • We've opted to support Kentucky feed mills and processing facilites
  • We've participated in community events such as Festifall in northern Kentucky
  • We've participated in educational events at Somerset Community College and Maupin Elementary 
  • We've helped people experience the farm through events such as our Pork Sampling and Farm Day
  • We've discussed sustainaibility at the Kentucky Green Living Fair and the Mother Earth News Fair
  • We've helped budding farmers through private tours and hands on experience.