We focus our operation on heritage breeds. According to the Livestock Conservancy, one in five livestock breeds are in danger of going extinct. We want to change that.

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Red Poll cattle

We'rpe working with some of the top breeders of Red Poll cattle to get some of the best genetics from grass-based herds. We use management intensive grazing to give our cattle the best forage to choose from every day while improving our pastures. They get grass through the growing season and have unlimited hay through the winter. We also supplement through the winter months with non-GMO alfalfa pellets.

Red Poll cattle are curretnly listed as "Threeatened" according to the Livestock Conservancy.


Gloucestershire OLd spot hogs

Our GOS hogs are the head of our forestry department. They're rotated through the woods every few weeks and supplemented with local non-GMO grain. Once they've cleared the underbrush we cut out the old limbs and dying trees and lay down fresh seed and mulch. In addition to our Registered Gloucestershire Old Spots we raise a GOS/Large Black cross for meat production.

Both GOS and Large Blacks moved from "Critical" to "Recovering" in 2016!


Delaware Chickens

Delaware chickens are the best bird you've never heard of. They were the meat bird of choice right before the Cornish cross which now dominates the industry even on small farms. The Cornish cross is what customers are used to eating, although in comparison to heritage breeds it lacks flavor. We currently raise Cornish cross alongside our Delawares which we use for both meat and eggs. We're continuously working to improve our breeding stock. Make sure you give our Heritage chicken a try!

Delaware Chickens recently moved from "Threatened" to "Watch" in 2016.

Cornish Cross chickens are unlisted as they are not a heritage breed or endangered.

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Bourbon Red turkeys

Bourbon Red turkeys were bred in Kentucky in the late 1800's and are named after Bourbon county. If you're looking for a way to impress your in-laws at Thanksgiving this year you've found it! We've selected breeding stock for three different states and are working diligently to raise a better bird. Turkeys available only for the holiday season so stay tuned for an oppourtunity to pre-order!

Bourbon Red Turkeys are currently under "Watch" status.


Aylesbury ducks

We are one of eleven breeders of Aylesbury ducks in the United States. We're continuously working with other regional breeders to source new stock and grow some really lovely birds. Aylesbury ducks grow a little bit slower than other breeds giving them a superior flavor.

Aylesbury Ducks are currently listed as "Critical".

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honey Bees

As a sustainable farm pollinators are critical to every piece of the farm from the garden to the clover blooming in the pasture. Which is why we are dedicated to beekeeping. Some hives are from local stock in Eastern Kentucky and others are swarms caught on the property. We grow a wildflower garden specifically for bees and butterflies.

Honey bees are not included in the census done by the Livestock Conservancy. According to the USDA publication released August 2017 numbers were down from 2.89 million hives to 2.62 million hives for producers with five or more colonies.

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Breeding Stock 

A huge part of conserving breeds is eliminating animals that don't measure up. But even more important is being able to send top genetics to other producers. If you're interested in breeding stock please send us an email. We would be more than happy to discuss the goals of your operation and find the best animals to suit your needs.

Please fill out this form and we will contact you: https://goo.gl/forms/lhQHN7C6IzRy5CND2