When you buy from us you're making an investment in favor of your health, the local economy, humane farming, and sustainable practices for the world we all share. That's something to celebrate.


When you buy from us, or another local, sustainable farm, you're doing a lot of amazing stuff with your dollar. Like advocating for non-gmo seeds and livestock feed, supporting a host of local farmers and businesses, and creating a meal you can be proud of and enjoy guilt-free.

our production methods

Our animals are raised on pasture, the cattle get fresh grass daily through the growing season along with hay and non-GMO alfalfa pellets during winter. Our pigs are rotated through the woods and are supplemented with a local non-GMO grain. Our chickens and turkeys are on fresh pasture in portable hutches which are moved daily and they also receive a local non-GMO ration. We don't use any growth hormones and only use antibiotics in the case of a life threatening situation. In most cases these particular animals aren't sold to customers but if they are every customer is notified and has the option to get more information or decline. Luckily, these have been extremely rare so 99% of the time we're antibiotic free. If you've got more questions get in touch with us and come for a tour!

Buying Options

We feel like real food shouldn't be limited to our friends with deep freezers and deeper pockets. We offer packages ranging from the whole hog to a single pack of pork chops. You can buy in Bulk stocking up for the winter. We offer a whole, half, or quarter beef, and a whole or half hog. If you pre-order in bulk we will schedule a time to meet with  you and get your processing requests. Invest with one of our smaller options of fifteen pounds with our Classic Trio, or ten pounds with our Pork Package and Beef Bundle. Or mix and match purchasing specific cuts at retail prices!

The Order Process

Since our industry is a little different so is our process of filling orders. Not every pork chop weighs the same amount so every order will be a different price unless you're purchasing one of our flat rate options (Classic Trio, Pork Package or Beef Bundle). You can place an order and view whats in stock under the Products tab. Fill up your cart and head to the Check Out. If you're ordering in bulk you'll pay your deposit there and we will contact you to schedule a meeting and get your processing requests and go from there. If you're purchasing a variety including individual cuts you'll pay an estimated total at Checkout and we will send you an email with the remaining balance and to schedule your Pick Up option. When we fulfill your order you can pay the balance by cash or card. 

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